Williams & Johnson Coffee Co

Todd and Zach, two young men with a love of good coffee, roasting beans here in Leith. By focusing on single origin and seasonal blends that change throughout the year they are able to keep it interesting as well as fresh. They source their coffee through Nordic Approach, a company that offers transparency throughout the chain and ensure producers receive premiums for their crops.

Pekoe Tea

Pekoe Tea of Edinburgh was established in 2006. They build strong relationships with their suppliers from around the world and trade ethically with small companies and estates, guaranteeing the freshest and highest quality teas available.


As a fourth generation family run business, the Mitchell have been farming at Clentrie Farm by Auchtertool since 1904. Their pigs are fed on barley and bedded on loose straw which they grow themselves. They give the animals the care and attention they need to have a 'happy' life.

Mossgiel Farm

Mossgiel is a third generation family run dairy farm which supplies the milk for our exceptional coffee and tea. The farm is in Ayrshire on the historical pastures of Robert Burns. They produce a non-homogoenized milk, a process that allows the natural effect of a ‘cream top’, creating a taste that has almost been forgotten due to the standardization of modern milk.

Company Bakery

Company Bakery based in Leith is a collaboration between five passionate individuals that believe real Scottish bread should be celebrated. Regularly milling local and heritage grains to create a whole wheat flour that is both nutritious and delicious. Taking three days to make, their long ferment sourdough is a real labour of love.

Welch's Fishmonger

Supplying the people of Leith, and the rest of Edinburgh since the 1960s, with the finest quality fish and seafood from our own shores, and beyond.

The Tobermory Fish Company

The Tobermory Fish Company was founded in 1971 by Hugh and Marjorie Goldie. Hugh and Marjorie believed in a family business with a family of customers. This tradition is continued today by their daughter, Rosie and granddaughter Sally. For almost 50 years the Tobermory Fish Company has been producing foods of the very highest quality using traditional smoking techniques, precise family recipes and a careful curing process to infuse exact mixtures of herbs and spices. It is this attention to detail that imparts such unique, delicate flavours to the fish and shellfish.

East Coast Cured

East Coast Cured is a family charcuterie business based in Leith, specialising in the production of traditional, & contemporary, slow cured Scottish pork, beef, venison & poultry. They believe passionately that the true craft of curing means taking produce of the highest quality & with skill, patience & time, creating something truly exceptional.